Weekly Exploration Update #5

Civil and human rights

How To Teach Kids About Gender | Jess Clark
BONUS POD with Edward Snowden
The only thing shocking to me about the racism of Starbucks employees is how shocked people are by it...

A Conversation With Native Americans on Race | Op-Docs
Race is Making Everything About Me (LIVE from Nat Geo HQ)
The human stories behind mass incarceration | Eve Abrams
Bassem Youssef, known as Egypt’s Jon Stewart, fled the country in 2014 after his parody of Sisi’s regime got him a $10 million fine and death threats. He shared his thoughts with us about Egypt’s re-elected leader.


Russian Court Bans Telegram App After 18-Minute Hearing…

Weekly Exploration Update #4

Abuse and hate
Can It Be Healing For A Sexual Assault Survivor To Communicate With A Harasser?
Don’t Think About Him
The Anger of the White Male Lie
What we can do about the culture of hate | Sally Kohn

Civil and human rights

Google Presents: Umbrella
What It’s Like to Endure Aerial Attacks | NYT
The Great Migration and the power of a single decision | Isabel Wilkerson
Brazil's Evangelical Far Right Could Elect The Country's Next President (HBO)
Amid FOSTA crackdown, sex workers find refuge on Mastodon…

Weekly Exploration Update #3

Civil and human rights

How Truth Lost Its Meaning In Trump's America: VICE on HBO, Full Episode
Immigration Courts: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Malaysia just made fake news illegal and punishable by up to six years in jail
No Filter: Trace Lysette
Search Gender Pay Gap data
The Origin of Race in the USA

An Idiots Guide to Bitcoin and Blockchain
How Cryptocurrency Works | NYT

Influence & Persuasion: Crash Course Media Literacy #6

Security and privacy

A new Mirai-style botnet is targeting the financial sector
Cell-Site Simulators/IMSI Catchers…

Weekly Exploration Update #2

Civil and human rights
Alyson Stoner: How I Embraced My Sexual Identity
How Bi+ Men Experience Sexual Assault
How fashion helps us express who we are -- and what we stand for | Kaustav Dey
How Putin Is Using The Orthodox Church To Build His Power (HBO)
In a first, a new UK coal mine is rejected on climate change grounds
LGBTQ Americans Won't Be Counted in 2020 US Census After All
Stop fetishizing queer women of color like me
The Afghan Women Risking Their Lives for Equality
The Battle Raging In Nigeria Over Control Of Oil, VICE on HBO, Full Episode youtube.c…

Weekly Exploration Update #1

Civil and human rights
Anti-LGBTQ+ Hate Crimes Are on the Rise, and Our Government Is to Blame
China will ban people with poor ‘social credit’ from planes and trains
How Congress Censored the Internet
Inside Aleppo, a City in Ruins | NYT
Mike Pence: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Refugees want empowerment, not handouts | Robert Hakiza
The assassination of a black human rights activist in Brazil has created a global icon
The guide book that helped black Americans travel during segregation
Trans Day of Visibility: Activists Explain What It Means to 'Be Seen' in 2018…

Let's #BrakeTheInternet to save #NetNeutrality and #StopTheFCC