Version 17.1 - Back to the way it was
18 June 2018
I'm having quite a hard time figuring our how to use this website other than as a static profile of profiles and projects. For the time being I'm going back to no blog page.

Version 17 - HTTPS the way I wanted
13 May 2018
For quite some time Blogger only supported HTTPS for Blogger domains (the ones ending in "blogspot.com"). This is the reason why I switched back to a Blogger domain a few months back.
Today I found out that all of this changed a few weeks ago, which means that after setting a few things up this website is now taking advantage of both my custom domain, and HTTPS πŸ˜Ž
Also: All new About me page!

Version 16.9 - Communication channels
25 April 2018
Added mention to Viber, LINE, and WeChat to the Contact page.
Change the order in which each messaging service appears on the page.

Version 16.8 - ProtonMail
13 April 2018
Added my ProtonMail address to the Contact page

Version 16.7 - The contact form
7 April 2018
Removed the contact form in favor of a simpler solution.

Version 16.6 - The Contact page
6 April 2018
Added mention to Wire and how to search for me.
Removed mention to Viber.
Changed the order in which each IM logo is displayed.
Increased the size and resolution of all logos.
Redesigned the email logo.

Version 16.5 - Newsletter subscription fix
26 March 2018
Fixed the issue that was preventing people from subscribing to the blog via email.

Version 16.4 - Polishing and optimizing
25 March 2018
Added the Newsletter page.
Removed from the About me page all the items already available in the sidebar.
Increased font size here and there.
See you next week!

Version 16.3 - Let's try something!
24 March 2018
Dropped the About me page redirect.
Added the Blog button.
Re-introduced the sidebar (which currently duplicates some of the content found in the About me page).
New background colour on the lower half of the website.
Posted something!

Version 16.2 - Here we go again...
9 February 2018
Moved the Social media buttons and the Version # button back to the About me page.
Removed the Newsletter and RSS buttons, which I will not need for the time being.
Re-applied the custom redirect from the homepage to the About me page.
Removed the Blog button from the navigation bar.
Changed the Sidebar background to match the colours around it.

Version 16.1 - IM icons
5 December 2017
Rearranged the IM icons on the Contact page, the order is now the following: WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Viber, WeChat.
The Full name field of the contact form on the Contact page is now optional.
I've nothing more to share at this time. Bye.

Version 16  -  The "maybe" release
9 November 2017
I'll maybe try something new. Soon. In preparation for this I have:
Removed the tobiaalberti.com -> tobiaalberti.com/p/about-me.html redirect.
Reintroduced the sidebar.
Moved the social buttons bar and the version # link to the sidebar.
Added a link to the Newsletter page and a link to the RSS feed of the blog to the sidebar.
Removed the link to the What happened here? post from the About me page.
Simplified how I present the Security and Privacy Toolbox project on the About me page.
Added a "Blog" button to the menu as an additional way of jumping back to the home page.
Other changes I made earlier today
Updated the URL of this page. It's simpler now, it just ends with "changelog.html".
Almost erased the very part at the bottom of this page.
Done some thinking about things that might become apparent in the next few weeks/months.

Version 15.2  -  Stepping up button resolution and text simplicity
6 November 2017
Swapped the icons I uploaded yesterday with some higher resolution ones. Not crazy high, but better than before.
Changed the text at the bottom of the About me page. My latest post is now What happened here? and the part about my Security and Privacy Toolbox project now starts with a "The" instead of a "My".
Quite heavily updated the What happened here? post to make it clearer.

Version 15.1  -  Basically buttons
5 November 2017
All the social icons/buttons are now up to date. The only one that changed significantly is the Instagram icon. I choose to use the one with all the colours. I like it better.
There once was a "?" at the bottom of the About me page that used to be a link to my latest post, now there's is a "My latest post" button that does that.
I also decided to start associating my Security and Privacy Toolbox project with my name. There's mention of that at the bottom if the About me page now.
All the IM icons/buttons have been updated as well. They're now in colour and they're more aligned with the brand guidelines from the various companies. I also changed the order in which they're displayed a bit. Check them out in the Contact page.
Bye πŸ‘‹

Version 15  -  Boom! I'm new.
7 September 2017
It had to happen at some point. I decided to move all the old posts from this website over to https://tobiaalbertiarchivio.blogspot.com. You can read more about it here: http://tobiaalberti.com/2017/09/would-you-like-to-talk.html.
Added a link to the post linked just above to the About me page. The button is: ?.
Moved the Tobia Alberti. All rights reserved. part at the bottom of the website.
Removed the link to the home page from the menu bar.
And that's it πŸ˜‰.

Version 13.3  -  HTTPS is here. Inelegantly, but here nonetheless.
5 September 2017
It took me a few days to have a decent understanding about what HTTPS is and how it works, but here I am, with a brand new secure website on my hands... I did it!
You may point out the solution I found (likely to be temporary) is not very elegant. To that I'd say: You're right. But I'd also add that such a solution was likely the only one that could've allowed me to both have actual HTTPS (not the one offered by Cloudflare for Blogger users, which only partially encrypts users' data) and keep using Blogger for managing my website (I know it's probably not the best service around, but it's good enough for me, for now).
The issue I was facing was the following: Blogger doesn't support HTTPS on custom domains. Only non-custom Blogger domains (the ones ending with .blogspot.com) get to have it. It's likely that HTTPS support for custom domains will come, at some point. But it's now 2017, security and privacy are a real concern and I think it's unacceptable to keep using HTTP.
Here's what I decided to do: I decided to disconnect my custom domain (tobiaalberti.com) from my Blogger website so that the website could go back to tobiaalberti.blogspot.com and enjoy all the HTTPS goodness. Then I set up my custom domain (tobiaalberti.com) so that it would redirect people typing it into their browsers to my website (via domain forwarding).
And boom πŸ’₯. Done.
In conclusion: my non-HTTPS custom domain redirects to my HTTPS non-custom domain.
I will keep using tobiaalberti.com to refer to my website, and at some point that will get back to being the actual URL. Until then, have a wonderful life 🌍.

Version 13.2  -  Towards HTTPS
4 September 2017
Today I added I disclaimer to the About me page to inform every visitor that this website doesn't currently support HTTPS and that I'm looking into how to eventually make the switch.

Version 13.1  -  Saying goodbye to Pinterest
2 September 2017
I never used Pinterest that much. I tried, but I only see its appeal from time to time. And as of right now, that is not enough. I'm momentarily putting it in pause and removing the button from the About me page.
Also, Instagram is not in second place, while Facebook is shifting to 3rd.

Version 13  -  Hi! I'm a static page now.
19 August 2017
Visiting the website will now redirect you to the About me page. Old posts are therefore only accessible via direct link, or via the Search feature of the website.
The content of the side pane has been moved to the About me page.
The cover image has been updated and made more prominent.
The white background of the lower half of the website is now grey.
That's it, this website is not just a way to find out where you can find me online and to contact me.
Have a nice day, y'all. πŸ˜‰

Version 12.1 Preview  -  Contact page fix-up+5
15 May 2017
The contact form on the Contact page should display correctly now. At least that's what my tests are showing on a 15" display. Please do let me know if you're experiencing otherwise.
Plus I changed some little things on the form.
And I also changed how dates are displayed on this very page.
And you'll also see less 0s on version numbers
...And I added some extra space, for the eye to jump gently.
......Almost forgot: the contact form has reCAPTCHA now. Yeah.

Version 12 Preview  -  Not a new direction, not yet. But skin's changed...
30 April 2017
Here we are. After starting shifting the focus of the website I'm also upgrading the user interface (UI): a brand new responsive design from Blogger is here.
The side pane is now on the left side of the site.
There's no need for the "..." page no more. If a screen is too narrow then the left pane will simply be available via an hamburger button.
There's a new Newsletter page to subscribe to the website and have new posts delivered directly to your inbox.
There's more real estate available for content now. So that I was able to scale up size for embedded images and videos and resolution for embedded images (I upgraded only embedded content from the last 14 posts for the time being). I think they do look very good. Let me know if you disagree or if you find something that isn't working: Contact.
Links to the Newsletter page, together with a button to the website's RSS feed are on the side pane.
Search is now more prominent at the top of the site.
More visual communication throughout the website are here. I've introduced a bigger header that reaches down to the posts and sideways to the edges of the screen. Plus posts have previews now.
Dates use now the US format (Month-Day-Year), I wasn't able to set them to the UK format yet.
Also: Dates are now under a post's title rather than on top of it.
Post titles are now aligned to the left.
The overall background is now slightly grey.
The Back to Top button was not working with the new design, so I temporarily removed it.
There is also an alignment issue inside of the Contact page I wasn't able to fix at this time.

Version 11 Preview  -  Startin' to change everything. Once more.
2 April 2017
The Italian language is gone from the website. Unless you visit old and outdated pages (or old posts).
Gone is the Exhibition page. In is the new Blog page instead.
Gone are the tags on the sidebar. At least for now.
The TA page becomes About me and its content shrinks. At least for now.
The Contacts page becomes the Contact page.
The RSS button becomes the RSS feed button.
Removed the Events page and the App page buttons from the menu.
The Contact, About me, Change logs and ∙∙∙ pages have new URLs. If you visit the old ones you'll be redirected.
The RSS feed button now uses an HTTPS URL.
The website does not support encrypted traffic via HTTPS because GoDaddy has decided that it's a paid feature. I don't approve security only available at a premium, so I'm looking for free and robust alternatives.
Removed links to my Flickr, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Issuu profiles from the About me page. (They were located on the footnote area of the page). I'm not using them very much. At least for now.
Added publication dates to every post. (Note: They do look better when not in presence of very short titles).
Fixed the long lasting 404 error one would encounter visiting the website without putting "www" before the rest (http://tobiaalberti.com). You'll be now automatically redirected to www.tobiaalberti.com.
Temporarily added the What is happening here? page.
I think that's it for now... Bye to you.

Version 10.4  -  Contact stuff and "doo be doo"
8 March 2017
On the Contacts page: I have added Viber and WeChat as services I'll be able to be contacted with, as well as merged the Skype option together with the other ones (they should all allow searching for me using my cell phone number).
I'm considering adding a Reddit button on the sidebar. I'm not sure yet, though. I'll think a bit more about it.

Version 10.3  -  A few things here and there, then "BOOM". Sort of.
26 novembre 2016
Introduced a HTTP 404 error page for some old articles/pages that are not available on the website anymore.
Announced halted development of the current Tobia Alberti app for Windows phones (for more info visit the "App" page of this website).
Introduced bold text elements throughout the website's UI to make things clearer (like this version's change log title).
Other various little fixes.

Version 10.2  -  More redesigning. More English language on the UI side.
12 October 2016
Added Telegram as a supported IM platform to reach out to me. It now appears on the Contacts page.
Redesigned the Contacts page with the introduction of logos in place of most of the text I was using before (Updated again on the 17th of October to increase logos' size).
The "continua..." buttons at the end of each preview on the Exhibition page are now just "∙∙∙".
Changed the name of the "+" page to "∙∙∙".
Introduced the English language on new parts of the UI, such as the sidebar, the footnotes and profile picture credits on the TA page and the "..." page meant to let Mobile users access the side bar (which would otherwise only be available on Desktop view).
The new standard when it comes to languages is "English / Italian". So I aligned the menu, parts of the Change logs page and the contact form on the Contacts page to the new structure.
The website is now a little more larger (I've added 3 additional pixels).

Version 10.1  -  Starting to prepare things for a future English adventure. Plus some modernizing.
8 October 2016
The site's layout is every so slightly larger.
The menu is now "glued" to the header image.
The menu is now based on a black and white colour scheme.
The menu is now displayed both in Italian and English (the content of the App page is too).
Both the menu's and the posts' font are 1px larger.
Links are now red: #e00101.
The contact form on the Contacts page is bilingual too (it already was for quite some time).
I did temporarily removed the link to my "graphic design dreamer" website. I'll figure out where to put it on a later date.
Changelogs will likely be written only in English from now on, older entries of this page will not be translated. The opening note of this page is written in English and Italian now.
The search box was at the top of the side bar, it is now below the socia media buttons.
More to come...

Version 10  -  I
12 September 2016
Hello there everybody. I'm something else.
There's a new profile picture by Lara KocagΓΆncΓΌ.
There is a new header.
We'll see little by little what form this project will take in the coming months.